The Gang
cha chan

jeiku san once spoke to the universe and it said "i'm the universe just suck on that for a second." he did not balk as many in his place might have. he did as commanded and was emblazoned with a strip of red hawk along his skull and swathed with pants crafted from his very own piece of the milkyway.

kurty kurt

jaffa isn't one for mediocrity. he's an all or nothing kind of guy. why have a sampling of gelato when you can tour italy to try every flavor? Why drink tropicana when you can have fresh squeezed morrocan OJ? just ask jaffa he'll tell you why.


tyler is organically grown and organically raised, but he is not of this world. he comes from a land where culture dictates the sharing of elevator eggs, the burning of backpacks, and one stranger in every group photograph. he is a warrior of the new era.